Pedicure In Ottawa – The Health Benefits


Ladies, do we ever really need an excuse to spend the day at the salon? Work is tough and busy schedules take up most of your rest and relaxation time, but have you ever considered the health benefits of taking some “me time” at the spa? Truth is, there’s more to going to the spa than getting a foot soak and fresh coat of nail polish. Sure, it’s nice to put your feet up and relieve some stress, but getting a pedicure in Ottawa can offer several health benefits that will have you wanting to make more time for you in your busy schedule.

The average person takes upwards of 8,000 steps per day. At the end of the week, that’s a lot of stress on your feet which can do a lot of damage if they are not properly cared for. Getting a foot massage in Ottawa is more than just taking time to pamper yourself. It is a simple and rewarding way to provide basic care for your feet and body.

During a visit to get a pedicure in Ottawa, the cosmetic treatment includes nail care, a thorough foot cleanse, and a miraculous foot and calve massage. Though getting a pedicure in Ottawa is widely recognised as something women like to indulge in – treatment is very beneficial to men as well. Simply opt out on polish and your man can have smooth and healthy feet too.

Further to looking good, getting a foot massage in Ottawa can truly benefit your overall health. The most enjoyable part of the treatment is getting the massage. Not only does it feel good, but it promotes blood circulation and helps relieve tense areas in the feet and calves. Since you’re walking anywhere from 5-7 kilometers a day – that’s right, 8000 steps equals 6 kilometers – by the end of the day your feet can really take a beating. When your feet are sore your entire body begins to feel achy and tired. Just remember, happy feet makes for a happier you!

Your feet are touching the ground almost 100 per cent of the time you’re awake. Whether they’re in shoes or barefooted, they are prone to pick up dirt and bacteria naturally. Maintaining your toenail and cuticle health really helps to keep them clean and lowers the risk of getting an infection or other unfortunate problems like corns, bunions and warts. Getting a foot massage in Ottawa can help the pedicurist detect any issues that should be dealt with before they become a larger problem.

Getting a pedicure in Ottawa can also help to remove any dead skin on your feet, which makes for smoother more attractive foot. The heal of the foot especially takes a lot of pressure which can cause it to build a touch surface. Getting a foot soak and massage in Ottawa will break down dead skin cells and promote new growth which will help you and your feet look and feel more soft and supple, which in the end will make you happy and comfortable.