Great news AVEDA lovers!
York Street Spa is having a 15% off sale on ALL AVEDA products for the month of October!

With this sale you save just over the cost of taxes on any AVEDA product for your hair or skin. York Street Spa has a retail store that is located at the front of our entrance, so once you walk in, you can see a wide range of AVEDA shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, exfoliates, and much more.

Another exciting product we have received from AVEDA is the Fund Research by Handhand lotion. This product is infused with the popular cherry almond extract, much like their cherry almond line.

This product also does something more than just moisturizing your hands.
Fund Research by Hand is a lotion that gives back, donating 5$ with every purchase to the Breast Cancer Research program and with our 15% off sale on all AVEDA products, this benefiting hand relief lotion falls under this sale as well. So when you buy this limited edition hand relief, not only will you be giving your hands the perfect treatment they deserve, but you are also helping fund research, which effects up to 27,000 Canadian woman every year.

We are open 7 days a week here at York Street Spa, feel free to contact us through email or by phone to ask more information about this sale and the hand relief product. You can simply walk in and take a look at our front retail store!
Call us at 613-562-2121 or email us at info@yorkstreetspa.com

Remember, this promotion is only for the month of October, and the Fund Research By Hand lotion is here for a limited time as well.

Treat your hair and skin the way they deserve, as well as help donate to a more cause this month with the innovative and Eco-friendly products from AVEDA.